Friday, July 1, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

 Last night Derby kept staring at the lamp on our coffee table.  I just had to see what captured his attention ... it was fly taking a rest.  This started me singing the song ... Fly Me to the Moon.  I didn't realize this song had such a long history behind it.  Below is a fraction of the story behind the version I know.
{Did you notice the fly above the letter F in the word Fly?}
 Frank Sinatra recorded it on the album It Might as Well Be Swing (1964), accompanied by Count Basie. The arrangement by Quincy Jones has become the rendition most people know. Jones changed the time signature, which was originally 3/4 waltz-time, to 4/4 and gave it a looser, swing feel. Sinatra's recording was a hit and was played by the astronauts of Apollo 10 on their lunar-orbital mission and again on the moon itself by the astronaut Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 landing.
 Typical terrier personality ... once 'fixed' on something you can't break them away until they're good and ready.
In the pursuit of life, liberty & the perfect potato salad this 4th of July!

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