Friday, July 29, 2011

Ding Dong . . . Saved By The Bell!

 It's nice to have a quiet day around the house listening to soft jazz on satellite radio and doing odds and ends to tidy up.  Needless to say, the westies wanted more excitement then watching me do things.   I've been limiting their time outside on the deck due to the heat.
 I swear the westies can hear a delivery trucks tires roll across the first stones on our driveway!  They do the 'alert' bark and run to the door.
 We received two separate deliveries today ... one by UPS and one by Fed-X .
This gave the westies something to get excited about.  
 The first box delivered was my order from King Arthur Flour.
They have a catalogue full of interesting items for baking.  I could have easily spent a lot of $'s on various cooking things.  Wilson spotted the brioche bread mix and hamburger bun pan.  My impulse purchases were the popover mix and pizza crust.  Popovers are so good right out of the oven and impressive to serve at a dinner party.  I'm a real pizza person - I could eat pizza every day and most days for lunch I do have pizza.  I'm looking forward to baking this crust on my pizza stone.
 The second deliver was Wilson's photo book on Yosemite.
The best of the best photo's from his trip printed on high-gloss paper which is beautiful.
He has already received orders from his post on Facebook.
 .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ ..
Out To Dinner With Laura & Cary
 Laura & Cary saved us from cooking tonight by suggestion we meet at the Harbour Inn for dinner.  It took a second to put the 'closed' sign up in the kitchen and we were on our way.
Just what is a VeeV-West Lemonade?
I was brave and ordered something other than my normal Cosmo.  I took a picture of the menu description because I knew I wasn't going to remember exactly what was in it.  What a fun and fresh tasting drink.  I could become addicted to the Vee-V!

 Bibb lettuce, fresh garden tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, crisp bacon bits, and fried avocado.
 Soft shell crabs
 Another small venue for breakfast and lunch at the hotel.
 Cary ... this is not your boat!
 Cary this is your boat ... lovingly know as the 'Red Rocket'
The Red Rocket is an attention getter because she is a one-of-a-kind beauty. 
I would put the Red Rocket in the class with James Bond and his stash of get-a-way vehicles.


  1. It's always fun to get a package in the mail even if it's something you were expecting. Duke however goes crazy when he sees a UPS truck. He can hear them coming and he knows the sound of their truck too

  2. Those pics make me hungry. I never eat pizza but lately I have had a craving for some. One of these days I'll have one delivered. That book looks beautiful. Where did he have it made?? I have had real good luck with They always come out so nice. It's getting hot here also. After a couple cooler days and rain.