Thursday, July 28, 2011

Murphy, Opie, Rocky Hangin' By The Pool

 I needed a Murphy, Opie & Rocky fix so Mommy Leslie sent me this photo of the boys.  Just who's going after their purple ball in the pool ... of course, it will be Mommy Leslie to the rescue!
 The Boys in Pencil Sketch
We're innocent, just look at our faces!
  We didn't put that ball in the pool ... it must have been Daddy Stan.
. . . 
Did you know that when Rocky was a puppy he was my first westie encounter?  That little guy changed my life forever.  I am thankful to Stan for researching various breeds and selecting the westie to add to their family.  Once I fell in love with Rocky there was no other breed I had interest in.  Wilson was considering a Lab because he had a chocolate Lab named Fendi, but all it took was a few westie kisses from Rocky and that Lab idea went sailing out the window.
. . .
Stan was kind enough to find these photo's of us and our 
first introduction to westies and to their boy Rocky.
Rocky & Katie . . . see how we play! 
Wilson & Rocky
 The boys are bonding which changed the course of history!


  1. I can see I have run across another dog lover. Your Westies are adorable! Thank you for stopping by. XO

  2. I fell in love with westies the first time I laid eyes on Duke. :) He wouldn't have waited for someone to get that ball out of the pool either. I can't believe how much he loves the water.