Saturday, July 23, 2011

For The Love Of Art ... Plein Air Easton!

 Today a group of lady friends braved the sun and heat to have lunch on the front porch of Mason's Restaurant.  It was the 'In' spot to be for watching the artist in the Quick Draw competition.
 Derby couldn't believe not one of those fancy artists wanted to paint him with his toy.  Just how do you explain 'why' to a two year old?
 Artists claimed their location and began to paint at 10 o'clock sharp this morning.
 Long on excitement, yet short on time, this two hour paint-out is one of the highlights of the weeks activities.
 Artists have a six block area in which they can set up their easel and begin to paint.  This is a free event that appeals to a wide variety of art enthusiasts.
 If the weather isn't hot next year, I'll take the westies.  Maybe one of the artists will paint them into their piece. I would buy that painting, of course.
 Completed works ... the judging has begun!

 See the red tag in the corner of this painting?  This is a sold tag.  I've noticed people standing behind the various artist waiting for the work to be complete, then they could officially purchase the piece.  This one {I think} sold for $800.!
 The paint box.

 Compliments of Mason's bottled water for all.

 One section of artists and completed works lined up for judging.  The Plein Air draws talented artists from all parts of the country.
 Laura admiring the painting of ducks while eating a snow cone.

 I could smell the wet paint as I had lunch.
That's how close we were!
JoAnn, Laura, Mala
(left - right)
A nice afternoon was had by all.  Thanks to Laura for making the reservations at the 'In' spot to be.  I'm looking forward to next year when the 8th Annual Plein Air Easton comes to town.
... Art is for Everyone ...


  1. Katie....the pictures are really terrific. I hope someone from the Plein Air event committee has an opportunity to see the them. I like the narrative also! Great job! JoAnn

  2. what an interesting event. That would be really fun to go to. I don't understand why no one wanted to paint Derby with his toy either. He looks adorable