Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby, It's Barkin' Hot Out There!

 After running the deck in the heat due to a
'turtle sighting'
 Julep and Derby are exhausted!
 I've given up trying to keep the sofa cushions looking neat!
 Derby napping under the coffee table.
 The throws under our coffee table can be found on the floor several times during the day ... Derby thinks it a fun thing to do.
 Photo's from several days ago I neglected to post.
 The westies in action.
 When was the last time we had rain?
I can't remember!

Stay cool and have a nice weekend.
.. .. ..
On Saturday my friend {JoAnn} and I will be having lunch on the front porch of Mason's Restaurant {with Laura, Mala and a few other lady friends} to watch the artist paint during the Quick Draw Paint Out which is part of the overall Plein Air competition.  I'm not sure how long we'll last in this heat, but I will manage to snap a few photo's to share.

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  1. It's hot here too. Duke goes outside and barks to come right back in. We did get a little bit of rain tonight though and it's cooled off quite a bit. Until tomorrow that is :).
    Have fun tomorrow, look forward to seeing your pictures from the event