Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little of This & A Little of That

 These rescues are ready for the 4th of July and their freedom to love to a new family.  Looking good in their patriotic bandannas donated by Bandannas for Rescued Paws, I'm sure they won't be in rescue long.  If interested in learning more about Buffy or Butch please let me know.
  >>  ..  <<
It wouldn't be 4th of July without burgers on the grill!
 Wilson fired up the Primo tonight for burgers on the grill ... yum, yum!
 We were smokin'!
 Hitting almost 500 degrees.

 Upper Air Vent
Controlling the upper and lower air vents regulates the temperature.
>> .. <<
 My sister Debby created this dress for the American Girl ... wow!
 Notice the westie?
>> .. <<
Didn't I mention this post was a little of this and a little of that?
My sister found the westie p.j.'s in Macy's and thought I needed them ... how did she know?

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  1. Hello there!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog as now I've found yours... I love your Westies!! We adore our neighbor's Westie named Latte. We babysit him all the time and are like Grandparents.
    It's so nice to meet you!!
    Enjoy the long weekend and Happy 4th of July to you :)