Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dinner with Lovely Friends

 Last night we dined with dear friends Gail & Tom at their beautiful waterfront home where we had the pleasure of meeting
.. Rita Calvert .. 
author of
the Grassfed gourmet - FIRES IT UP!
 Bourbon Rib Eye Steaks Flamande
Rita gave a short demo and talk on the natural virtues of grassfed beef.   
We couldn't wait to sample this perfectly cooked steak! 
Each couple received this pamphlet and a signed copy of Rita's book!
 Rita and I at the dinner table enjoying food, wine, and great conversation. 
 Gail's lovely table-scape.

 Gail's kitchen area opens into the living room.
 Gail and Rita created this beautiful tart using no set recipe.
 Needless to say, it was out of this world good.  I have a feeling Gail will use this recipe in a future issue of the Carefree Cooking Magazine.
 Wilson made his Kentucky Corn Pudding recipe as a side dish.
 I made mini-cheesecakes with fresh fruit and spun sugar accents.
 A toast to our hosts Gail & Tom
who entice us with excellent food, creativity, and beautiful surrounding.
 No need to worry about the calories since they're small!

 Gail Greco writes the
Carefree Cooking Magazine
 for the Teflon website.  Click on 'Meet the Editor' to learn about Gail passion for creative cooking.  Gail has also written and published fifteen cookbooks!
 Tom {Gail's husband} is a professional photographer who photographs Gail's creations.
A good time was had by all as the evening comes to an end.
Thank you Gail & Tom for a simply delightful dinner party and the added surprise of having Rita personally sign her book for us ...
the Grassfed gourmet - FIRES IT UP!

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