Friday, July 15, 2011

Longwood Gardens Waterlily Display

 While the westies were being groomed Wilson and I went to Longwood Gardens.
First Stop:  The Waterlily Display

 The waterlily display is located in an outside space between the Conservatory buildings.
Speckled waterlilies look like a painting.
 A new green seedpod will eventually turn brown.

 Busy little bees found something in this lily that kept them coming back.

 The Waterlily Display is a summer highlight and a visitor favorite.

 Longwood's elegant Waterlily Display features
 aquatic cannas, giant water-platters, lotus, 
hardy and tropical day-flowering waterlilies and
 tropical night flowering waterlilies, papyrus and taro.

This little guy is my favorite photo from our visit to the Gardens.  I just happen to see him resting and he stayed still while I took his picture.  I love the color of his wings and the fact you can see every detail.  
. . . . . 

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