Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilting Changes Everything

 Today I entered into a whole other world ... maybe even a whole new Galaxy ... with talks of UFO group meetings and terms these ears have never heard before.
Enter the
Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore
Guild Meeting
 These are the first quilts I saw upon entering the door to the meeting.  Even though these were very intimating I kept on going to the sign-in sheet.
 I have to ask myself ... will I ever be this good ... even half as good ... even a quarter good ... maybe a -dash- good, actually I'd settle for a .dot. good!
 I didn't know what to expect, maybe 10 ladies tops.  Apparently this is one happening group of ladies with even single chair filled!
 After a few announcements ... it was time for
Show & Tell
The ladies proudly lined up with quilt(s) in hand and presented their works of art to the group.  
These ladies quilt with style.
Countless hours {and not to mention dollars} in creating a quilt makes it a timeless treasure.
Quilts are given a name upon completion by the creator.

My personal favorite of the day!
The initial in the middle is a 'W'.

Quilting is a serious business!
My friend JoAnn came with me to the meeting.  She has way more sewing experience in her little finger than I'll ever have.  I'm looking forward to your first quilt, JoAnn!
After the meeting I couldn't go home without buying some fabric so off to JoAnn's Fabric Store I went.  I found {on-line} a simple doll quilt with instructions written for a child so I'm going to give it a try.
My excuse for buying this fabric is two fold
 1)I don't know what I'm doing
2)I was told I need to start stock-piling fabric
All excellent reasons to come home with a bag of fun fabric.

What I don't use in making the doll quilt will go into making
1)Bandannas for Rescued Paws
2)Doll cloths for Molly the American Girl doll.
 She should be arriving soon and I'm so excited to see her.
Molly will be donated to the Montgomery Kennel Club auction in October to raise funds for the Westie Foundation of America.
{more on that later}
So after this intense day of trying to figure out a new world I have to wonder if there is such a thing as a Sew & Spa retreat type of place.
I'm telling myself ... because to be honest ... I'm in sensory overload ... to take small steps.
Just in case you're wondering how I came to this day of attending a quilters meeting ... it goes like this ... while standing in the checkout line at JoAnn's Fabrics I noticed a lady purchasing a quilters magazine and I asked if she quilted.  This is how Lisa and I met.  We exchanged e-mails and sent me information about the meeting ... so there we have it.
Thursdays Adventure will be ...
Taking the westies to be groomed in Pennsylvania with Wilson & I going to take photo's at Longwood Gardens.


  1. I have always thought it would be such a gift to be able to quilt! To make treasures that people will keep for a lifetime, and then pass down. I've got a quilt in my blanket chest that a great, great grandmother made. It has never been "finished", and I thought that perhaps one day I may be able to do that. I'm just a bit intimidated though. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. You don't give yourself enough credit! You are much more talented than I, and I bet you will have something whipped up in no time :)

  2. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt. I thought of starting with something simple like a rag quilt but have yet to go out and buy the fabric. I'm horrible at picking out fabrics and matching colors.
    Good luck with yours. Can't wait to see what you do