Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Molly McIntire, The American Girl Doll

 I'm proud to introduce Molly McIntire, the American Girl doll I'm donating to help raise funds for the Westie Foundation of America.   Each October the Montgomery Kennel Club All Terrier Show comes to Pennsylvania.  This is a very popular event and folks travel from all corners of the world to attend.  The Westie Foundation of American hosts a dinner an auction during that week.  
 This year I wanted to donate something different - a little out of the norm of the normal donated items.  Giving this thought for several weeks the idea of an American Girl doll popped into my head.  I ran this idea by Kay McGuire, DVM who is Vice President-Health for the Foundation as well as Bebe Pinter, President, and they both liked it!  So, after several days of research on the American Girl website I decided on Molly.  I know Molly will be a big hit at the auction ... but wait, it's just not Molly that will be auctioned!
 Derby meets Coconut ... Molly's westie puppy.
Who would believe there was a westie puppy made for the American Girl doll!
 To make this auction item even more special for the bidder, as well as the little girl who is lucky enough to receive this ... I added Coconut the westie puppy, the book about Molly's life as well as the purple star tote bag ... but to push this auction item over the top ... my sister and I will be making some really cute outfits for Molly to wear.  I would like to fill that tote bag full of clothing for Molly to wear.
 Molly's Story
 Molly is going to look very special in her custom designed clothing created from this fabric.  I promised the designer of the fabric, Kim Niles, a few photo's of the clothing when we're done.  Kim also mentioned to me she is willing to donate a signed copy of her children's book to add to this auction package!
To learn more about Kim's art, please visit:
 I think a sundress made from this fabric would look adorable on Molly.
Julep ... wake up! ... we're doing something very exciting and very helpful for all those westies who have health issues.  Over the next several months I'll be posting the sewing creations as they are complete.  I think Molly is going to make one little girl very, very happy.
- - - - -

What is The Westie Foundation?
The Westie Foundation of America, Inc., (WFA) is a non-profit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) organization. The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial aid and other support for medical research to benefit the health and quality of life of West Highland White Terriers; and to develop and communicate information regarding the health, care, breeding, and quality of life of Westies to Westie owners, Westie breeders, and veterinarians.
We will be funding research projects that focus on:
  • Preventable diseases through genetic testing;
  • Curable diseases through improved medications and treatments;
  • Controllable diseases through improved medications and therapies. (Medications, treatments, and therapies will include holistic as well as conventional medicine.)
We plan to provide information on how breeders can obtain simple and inexpensive genetic tests for determining carriers of genetic disorders so they can make better informed decisions. We plan to develop educational materials to help breeders learn to utilize the new diagnostic tools and treatments to breed better dogs and improve the quality of life of their Westies.

To Learn More About the Foundation Please Go To:


  1. And I thought my Samantha American girl was cool...if Molly was around when I was a kid I would have wanted her over Samantha! I still can't get over her westie puppy! xx

  2. Molly will be so cute in her custom clothes! Love her little Westie, too! I just completed a little doll dress for an annual fundraiser, too. The dolls and their wardrobes are very popular items for auctions. I love making them. I wish you much luck, and happy stitching!

  3. How generous of you and what a wonderful prize for some lucky little girl.....xv

  4. That AG Doll is absolutely presh! You picked a great girl, and that westie pup is beyond. I had no idea they had a westie pup too. hahahaha...I'm laughing at Julep sleeping through all of the excitement :)

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