Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet Westie Puppy Amelia

 Last night we had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Amelia for the first time.  She is eleven weeks old and a petite little westie girl.
 Amelia with her mom Brenda.
I know it was love at first sight!  
 We left Julep & Derby home because we didn't want our two to be jealous. As a 'welcome Amelia' gift I filled a tote bag with toys, treats, a traveling water dish, a blanket and a few other things.  Boy did Wilson & I get a good 'sniff-over' when we came in the front door after dinner.
 A typical terrier. . . not afraid of anything!
Last night was Amelia's first boat ride and first dinner at Foxy's.  She did great.  Nothing seemed to bother her.
This is not a reflection in the mirror.
These two yorkies met for the first time last evening while their parents were looking at how cute Amelia was.


  1. Aw, Amelia is too, too cute! :D Our Little Westie Girl has gained some weight ;P