Saturday, July 16, 2011

Julep & Derby ... Oh, What Should We Do!

 Derby and Julep didn't know what to get into today ... and at times I feel like a cruise director trying to entertain the westies.
 Derby tries to get Julep to play by biting her ear.
Isn't this cute?
 So there I was in the laundry room when I heard a strange sound in my pantry.  There's Derby pulling the plastic bags out of the pantry and into the kitchen.  Julep came to see what Derby had done and at that point he walked away . . . only he turned around and ran full-force right into her. I just happen to have my camera in the kitchen. Derby finally got Julep to play!  He can be such a little tormentor!
 There inside playing was getting out of control until I said ... oh my gosh, there's a turtle in the yard because there was!  Mrs. Turtle was making her way under our deck.  The turtle keep the westies busy for a good hour.
 Obsessed Westies
 After all that turtle watching, fighting and overall commotion, it was now time for rest.
 Julep . . . NOT in her usual place.
 Derby . . . in his usual place.
It's nice they like to play and it's also nice to have some quiet in the house . . . if you know what I mean.
Wishes for a nice weekend.


  1. Westies sure do know how to have a good time. I do know what you mean. At times spending a day with Duke is not much different than babysitting :)

  2. They sound like a handful! Bonnie was bossy today on the boat, trying to herd us where she wanted us to be, and she does not like it at all when we get into the water!

  3. Julep and Derby are just so adorable that I wish I could reach across the screen and give them both a kiss. What darlings!!!