Tuesday, July 19, 2011

See How We Play

 Derby ... is that an itch on your back or are you just playing around making a mess?
 What a cute fur-do you have!

 Instead of saying stop fighting ... I say gentle play, please.
Do you really think they know what I mean, probably not!
 The stare-down = an all out attack!
 Just in the nick of time ... the door bell rang.
 Mr. UPS driver left us two packages ... 
one for the westies and one for me.
 Julep & Derby love the Virbac dental chews.  They're allowed only one after breakfast, then they are happy campers for the rest of the morning.  Our vet started the westies on these and I found them cheaper on Amazon, as well as their daily probiotic.
. . . . .
In the second package was . . .
 The custom {and expensive} fabric I ordered from Spoonflower.com. If you're looking for beautiful and not the run of the mill fabrics, I suggest you check out their website.
. . . . .
There is one yard of each fabric.  My sister {Debby} will create a doll dress for the American Girl {Molly} which is my donation to the Westie Foundation of American auction in October.  I'll post a photo of Molly later today as well as info on the Foundation.

 This is not the American Girl doll but a doll the same size for me to use as a model to fit the cloths I'm making.  Here is my first practice skirt which is super-simple.  If someone would have said to me three years ago ... that I would have a sewing machine and would be making doll cloths, I would have said they were nuts ... now look at me!
Have a Great Day
Happy Tails & Trails to You!
Time for me to start sewing.


  1. That must be a fun hobby, making doll clothes! I can't sew a stitch..Ha!
    In answer to your question about making books from my photos. I have had a few printed for the grandchildren. They love them. In fact I've had quite a few printed. I had a couple of my blogs here printed out also through their Sharebook.com site. They came out real nice. Some I did through Blurb.com and some through Snapfish. I like Blurb the best.

  2. Oh my goodness!! That fabric is absolutely divine! Leave it to you to find a place to make some custom westie prints. So adorable :)

    And the "gentle play please" command is something I may need to start using. Louis has recently decided that I am his playmate, and somehow I end up on the bottom of the pile!