Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From Westies to Croissants

 Life around the old homestead has been busy with various things that just fill my day. Not important things - just things.  But there is always time to play and take pictures of the westies.
 After playing in the bedroom {photo's below} Julep & Derby come into the living room to cool down on the fireplace slate.
Officially Derby is known as
Tribeca's Sir Derby Wyatt at MKC
 Officially Julep is known as
Tribeca's Julep Moon
 Shall We Dance?
{or run around and drive Mommy Katie crazy}
 Discussing top secret westie stuff in a undisclosed location.
 How can you tell it's Julep - by her curved tail, of course!
 Another secret meeting!
 Deer taking advantage of the shoreline with low tide.
 Grass Plume
These frozen croissants are a special order from William-Sonoma.  In case you're wondering, they are worth every cent.  We indulge in these sinful breakfast treats on special occasions ... like when Linda and Mark paid us a visit.

.. Best Wishes For A Great Day ..

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  1. Such happy and beautiful westie faces! And clean too...not like my little westie gardener.