Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Visit From Friends & The Big Pickle Dinner

 Julep giving Aunt Linda kisses.
Julep hasn't seen Aunt Linda in a long time and they both act like it was only yesterday.  How sweet is this?
 Derby meets Uncle Mark.  Linda told me Mark is a 'dog whisper' of sorts - he loves dogs and dogs love to be with him.  Derby has a new buddy to hang with.
 Everyone is enjoying catching up before we head out to the Big Pickle in St. Michaels for dinner.  Unfortunately, the westies had to stay at home.
 The Big Pickle ... New Menu
 I was in the mood for a lavender 'something' to drink.  It stems from a conversation with another friend earlier in the day about the Lavender Sidecar cocktail.  So, I challenged the bartender at The Pickle to 'make me something with lavender' ... he came up with Champagne & Mulled Lavender.  It was very different and oh, so good!
 The folks at the Big Pickle know I come with camera in purse ... here are photo's of our samplings from the evening.  I would have taken more photo's but the place was hoppin' on a Saturday night and I didn't want to be to obnoxious!
 Duck Wings
 Shrimp Cocktail
The best I've had in a very long time.
I love the presentation of the cocktail sauce in a mini-ball jar.  I want one or two of those little jars, just because.  
 We pointed out to Mark & Linda what the burger looked like while they were being served at the next table.  After that we all changed our minds and our table ordered 4 burgers.  Love those fries!
 The flash over-worked on my white top.
I changed it into a black/white photo.
This photo of Linda & Mark was taken at the restaurant.  I dropped it into a beach frame for fun.  Don't they look great!  It was nice catching up.  There is never enough time when you enjoy the company you're with.  Hopefully, on their next visit they will be able to stay longer then one night.

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