Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little walk ... A little sewing ... A lot of fun

 Taking a break on this beautiful day from my Bernina sewing machine I took Julep & Derby for a walk in town.  It's been several days since they read the local doggie newspaper (if you know what I mean).
 Molly's fashion portfolio.
I was losing track of the clothing we made.
I decided to lay everything out on one of our guest beds.

 The BIG Question Is
How to package this up for presentation at the auction.
Suggestions are always welcome.

We plan to sew and add to this collection until the very last second which is the first week in October.
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Just sent to me from my sister Debby.
 The daisy dress with the dainty daisy trim reminds us of something a young girl would wear to an afternoon tea party.

If you have anything you have made and would like to contribute to this package, please let me know.
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All the best for a great day,

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