Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Molly Has More Outfits Added To Her Fashion Portfolio

Gobble-Gobble Molly is ready for Thanksgiving
 Here are more outfits for Molly - the American Girl's - fashion portfolio.  The first two were sewn by yours truly.
Fire crackers, parades & picnics this is Molly's outfit to celebrate
July 4th in style
Full skirt with matching top.
 The next set of photo's were sewn by my sister, Debby.
I will sew on the gold sparkle hearts to the front of this jacket.
 Debby had to leave these with me since Hurricane Irene cut into our sewing time.  I added the trim around the collar.
 We call this the Dorothy Dress.
 Debby added the fabric belt and then found a tiny gold buckle to finish these slack off nicely.
Last but not least, these are all patterns I have cut out and are ready to sew.  I'm looking forward to making the long quilted coat (on the left of this photo).

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