Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking the Westies To Ava's for Dinner

 The weather was perfect last night ... so we put the 'closed' sign up in the kitchen, put the westies in the car, and off we went to Ava's in St. Michaels.
 Julep gives Chris {the owner of Ava's} a big hello.
 Derby looking for a treat in my bag.
 Derby relaxing and just taking in the scenes.

 Wilson's appetizer

 My pizza

 Wilson's steak dinner with a side of boardwalk fries

 Julep wouldn't mind a tiny-tiny piece of that steak.
 Relaxing and letting us enjoy our dinner.
The westies are good when there are no other doggies around.


  1. That pizza looks delish Katie! Mmmm..... And the westies look happy as can be :) What a lovely evening.

  2. Isn't it nice to take your pooches to dinner?

    Aroooo, Stuart

  3. My Westie loves little girls and cats, but she does not like little boys or other dogs :D