Sunday, September 11, 2011

1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Westies in Our Home!

 Today Julep & Derby had a visit from MacDuffy.
Funny how they love to visit MacDuffy at his house, but it's a different sort of story when MacDuffy came to visit them on their turf.
 After a few minor skirmishes everything worked out just fine.
I had always wondered what three westies would look like in our house ... and ... now I know.
 We are trying a new groomer this week.
One who will come into your home and do the grooming right then and there.
MacDuffy will be part of this grooming marathon on Tuesday.
 This is a new photo of Derby's brother Baron and his mom Ginger.
They attended a local westie club gathering and meeting.
There is no mistaking Baron as Derby's brother.
 Today has been a crazy day ... and I needed to get some fresh air so I took my camera out to the end of our dock.  Here are a few of those photo's.
 Actually, these photo's don't do those big puffy clouds justice.
 This big bright full moon caught me off guard while out on the dock.
 Thinking I had food - they were hanging around just hoping I might have a crumb to spare.

There were two herons hanging around the shore line.
This one didn't like me walking back to the house so he took off.
Wishing everyone a nice week
All the best,


  1. The more terriers the merrier!!
    (that's our motto!)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Very nice photos. Love that moon!! It must be great to see Derby's brother Baron at times. Do they recognize each other??

  3. The only thing better than 2 Westies is 3 :)

  4. What great pictures! Love that heron shot. I'd have to go after that thing.

    Aroooo! Stuart