Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Visit, The Sewing, The Christmas Dogs Fabric

. . . she wonders if she is a quilter who loves fabric
or a fabric collector who loves to quilt
This is a card sent to me from my friend Cindy . . . who knows me all too well!
 A top I just completed for Molly.
This matches a pair of slacks I made previously.
 This Halloween dress was made by my sister, Debby.
I'll hand-sew the orange and white flower trim around the waist.
 This is a red velvet cape my sister is cutting out and will make.  It even has a hood!
 My new flannel fabric I just had to buy today because it was so cute.
I need to find a long nightgown pattern or maybe I can work with a dress pattern I already have.
Debby & my Mom looking through the new American Girl catalogue.

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