Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Derby Presents a New Outfit & Merino Wool Scarf

 My sister had fun creating this photo of Derby.  
{I bet she made it on her iPad}
 The latest sewing project from Debby.
I love the pink daisy she added to the pant leg.
Molly has another fabulous outfit added to her fashion portfolio.
Debby is very proud of this jacket.  It's the first jacket she made with a lining on the inside.  She also glued on a flat bottom button to make it look like a pin.  Wow!
 Merino Wool Neck Scarf for Molly
 This intricate design was knitted using variegated merino wool.
 Thank you to Sheila who spent many hours creating this.
The history of Merino wool is very interesting.
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