Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dinner at Bartlett Pear Inn

 I told Julep before we went out how exceptional the meals are at the the Bartlett Pear Inn.
Executive Chef Jordan Lloyd creates amazing dishes in an American bistro style setting.
To learn about the restaurant and pet-friendly Inn visit:
 We wanted a casual dinner with Laura & Cary so I made reservations in the bar area.
 Enjoying a nice glass of Cab.
 A sampling of items from the Pear Plates fare menu.

 Having a nice time in a relaxed atmosphere with good friends and excellent food
 ... what more could you ask for.

 Alice is shakin' up a perfect martini for Cary.
Married to the Executive Chef, Alice is the Innkeeper.

 Chocolate Souffle

 We enjoyed every single morsel of food!
Derby ... glad to have us back home because his little red ball was stuck under the sofa.


  1. Derby, did you get a doggie bag? Gosh that looked wonderful!


  2. Looks like a great place. I hope Derby didn't have to wait too long to get that ball unstuck :)

  3. It looks like Julep is all ready for football season!

  4. All those wonderful looking meals!! Yum! I love the first pic of Julep..Cute!!

  5. Hey Katie, Julep and Derby. Thanks for visiting our blog. Julep and Derby are so beautufull. We love to read your blog.

    Greetings from Slovenia,
    Mai and Nadinka