Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Home Pre-Irene

 I took photo's of the outside of our home pre-Hurricane Irene ... in case something happened and we needed them for insurance reasons.  Thank goodness, we didn't!
 Look closely at the front door & you'll see a little white westie watching.
To the left is Wilson's office and workshop.
 The westies watching Wilson at the spa.
We have the entire deck fenced for their running & squirrel chasing pleasure.

 Wilson adding spa chemicals.
He added ties so the cover wouldn't blow off during the storm.  
 With large glass windows and the strong winds predicted from Hurricane Irene we thought it best to be secure in a hotel for the night.
I think this is a leaf hopper (but not sure). 
He was looking for shelter from the storm on our front porch.


  1. I am happy you had no damage from Irene. We are experiencing tons of street flooding here in Birmingham due to TS Lee. We live on a mountain, so we are okay, but others are not so lucky.

  2. So glad you are all safe and sound! Hopefully Tropical Storm Lee won't send you floating down the river. We are so water logged at the moment I can't remember what a drought feels like :-o