Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello There . . .

 Julep needs attention so she waits at the bottom of the steps for me to come down and play with her.
 Just finished three tops and added buttons for fun.
 Two better photo's of the Christmas Goes to the Dogs dress.  The last ones I posted you couldn't see the delicate detail on the top.

 I like this fabric.

 My sister made this 'Dorothy' dress and top.
Posted previously as separate items, they really look good together.
 Added the glitter bone button to this plain top to jazz it up.
It took me most of yesterday to press all these clothes, add tissue paper before folding, match sets and insert them into individual cellophane bags.  Next step ... adding ribbon bows to close.
 Will be getting ready to pack all this up and mail the first week in October.  But first I need to go into Baltimore next week to pick up a few things from my sister and also meet my friend Sheila who is knitting a scarf.
 I received a surprise package in the mail with these buttons from my friend, Frances who said she wanted to contribute to the cause.  Thank you, Frances!  I loved these buttons so much I went into their website and order $40.00 worth of buttons ... that's a lot of buttons which I will split with my sister.
We ended the day with a visit from Cindy.
She came over to show me her needlepoint project and to pick-up some of my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Cindy left her westie (MacDuffy) at home since it was pouring raining.  Of course, Julep and Derby were totally disappointed but we gave them some just-from-the-oven baked turkey, and they were very happy.
Happy Weekend


  1. Is Julep more affectionate than Derby? My female would sit in my lap all day long if I would let her, but I have known of males who would barely let anyone touch them.

  2. Julep is very patient about waiting for attention. Duke is not so nice about