Friday, September 23, 2011

Bunny Barking

 These past few days have been interesting and very busy ... and to top all this off Ms. Bunny came out of the woods to pay the westies a visit.  It was a non-stop bunny barking session with the high hopes of having a bunny burger for dinner.

 Bunny watching the westies = westies watching the bunny.

 Part of the commotion is the tree guys have been here which means bark, bark, bark.  Look closely and you'll see Dave the tree climber up about 80' in a pine tree right on the shoreline edge.  The crew of 3 worked a good solid eight hours and the tree is almost down.  All the limbs and top have been removed. This is costing big bucks ... so there goes my Xmas present.
 Part of the mess.
A new crab-man on our creek.  Yet another thing for the westies to bark at.


  1. Our Westie barks at people in the lake. SHe does not like people swimming. She thinks everyone should stay in boats!

  2. Awww. Lucky for the bunny that the doggies couldn't get to it. That tree is quite a project.
    The neighbor out back has been cutting up two pine trees that got hit by lightening a couple weeks ago. Must have been quite the mess over there. I can't see his lawn from my view. It's raining off and on here today.

  3. There was some bunny barking going on here the other day too.