Friday, September 30, 2011

High Tide in St. Michaels

 Derby ... posing for the camera.
 We're still not at high tide at our dock!
 Heron weather vane at the dock end.
 A Monarch Butterfly having a snack on the Butterfly Bush.
 High tide in St. Michaels pushed water onto the road.
Wilson is taking a photo from the other side of the harbour.
 Work boats and in the far distance the St. Michaels Harbour Inn & Marina Hotel.
 Now we're on the other side of the harbour and in the distance is the back side of the St. Michaels Harbour Inn & Marina Hotel.
 It's not uncommon for water to push up into the streets when high tide occurs.
 Eric is the owner of the St. Michaels Crab & Steak House Restaurant.
 Two yachts docked in St. Michaels.
 We ran into a crew member from the Cracker Bay and I asked if the owner was the owner of Cracker Barrel restaurants and he said that was a good one ... upon research the owner is the developer of 'The Villages' which is an upscale retirement community in Florida.
 No picking crabs on the outside dining deck at the Crab Claw last night.

 The walkway is underwater.

Julep wasn't happy we left her home last night.
But I did take them for a walk in town before the high tide.


  1. Oh my!!! How did I miss this? I have never seen water rise and fall as quickly as it does here in St Michaels...when we had the flash floods last week, we couldn't get out of our driveway and Muskrat Park was under water!

    I hope you and Wilson have a great weekend!!


  2. Whoa! I would have barked and barked at that water. And then some.

    Arooo! Stuart