Saturday, October 1, 2011

BERNINA Sewing Celebration Class

 Focused on the yard and all things running around 'they' didn't care if I stayed home or went to my Sewing Celebration class with my friend, JoAnn.
 A Sunflower quilt welcomes sewers to the 
Lilies of the Field store in Easton.

 Here is JoAnn holding the pink knitted cap & sweater for Molly, the American Girl doll.
Thank you for all your contributions to the cause.

 One of the quilts that decorated the room today at the 
BERNINA Sewing Celebration class.
 It's hard to see all the detail in the quilt. 
For example, the center of each flower has tiny stones which add sparkle and dimension.
 The class centered on applique, various techniques, and different presser feet that make it easier to create this type of detailed work. 
 The Bernina instructor for our class.
She created that beautiful quilt behind her.
 Reggie (the owner of Lilies of the Field) gives a brief introduction prior to class beginning.
 JoAnn is holding one example of different stitch techniques that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind pillow.
 Fall fabrics available at Lilies of the Field.
Kathy behind the desk helping customers while class was on a brief break.

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