Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Been A Busy Weekend

** Julep wanted you to know **
Mommy Katie has been so busy over the weekend.  First giving us baths, then cutting and sewing American Girl clothes for Molly.  Mommy Katie was also busy creating another blog site.  This will showcase all the doll clothes in one spot ... but give her a few more days before she lists the link.
 This weekends creations.

 I did manage to take a break to go to JoAnn's Labor Day Sale.
 These are the new fabrics I added to my growing collection.

 These two outfits were  made by my sister, Debby.

 The next four photo's were made me. 
Molly's boots (upper right) are a little small so I will need to remake them.


  1. Love the doggie attire, the fabric with the Westies is perfect! Wonder if they make Airedale fabric?


  2. Kit would love a Westie dress! Too, too cute!

  3. Oh good grief! Look at that Westie fabric! Very nice...guess you've got some Scottie fabric, too???

    Aroooo, Stuart

  4. I really enjoy your posts. Julep and Derby seem to have a great time together..!

  5. Love all that fabric especially the Westie print. You did have a busy weekend.