Monday, September 5, 2011

Westie Wash Day

 Derby post-bath drying off outside with Daddy Wilson.
Derby is blessed with a beautiful & thick coat which takes a long time to dry. I finally made the investment & ordered a professional dryer (the kind you see groomers use).  The extra power of the professional model pushes water from the coat which cuts drying time by more than half.
 Julep is such a comedian after a bath.
 Julep drying her back while Derby looks on & wonders ... what in the world she is doing.
Julep ... Resting
 Derby was first up at bath time, then it was Julep.
Bath time ignites the westies into some pretty wild play and it always begins with ... Derby giving Julep 'the look' from the other side of the island.
 Derby is a wild child & taunts Julep into play.
 Bark  Bark  Bark
 Round two ... here we go again!
 How they make us laugh.
Derby has the cutest expressions of any westie.
This is Derby giving Julep the nudge to get up & play.  They chase each other until exhaustion (which is great for me).  It makes my job easier on the grooming table.


  1. Duke goes crazy after a bath. I can't imagine what it would be like with two of him running

  2. They are just sooo cute...I can just picture them running all around and playing! xx