Monday, October 17, 2011

The Witches Hat & Snoopy Dresses

 Julep's Aunt Debby gave her this Halloween hat when she was a puppy.
Can you see how excited Julep is about wearing the hat as well as the entire Halloween thing.
 Derby, on the other hand, put up a little fuss when it was his turn to wear the hat for a photo.
 Finally Derby gave in simply because he was so very comfy on the sofa.
 Back from vacation I finished the Christmas Snoopy dress [below] and started the Fall Snoopy dress [above].  Look closely to see the decorative stitching along the hem.  Today I hope to finish this on.
Both dresses and a stack of bandannas will be going to Westie Rescue Southeast [located in TN].  They will be selling them at their fall fund raising table.  We'll see how the dresses do since this is something new for them to sell.


  1. I just adore those photos of the westies with the Halloween hat! I wish Louis would wear something...anything...on his head :(

  2. I must remind my mom to buy me costume. I love Halloween.

    Greetings from Slovenia,
    Mai the Westie