Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And ... The Winners Are

 Wake up, Wake up Mr. Derby
It's time to announce the winners in the 
Scottish Shortbread Cookie Mix Give-A-Way

 Julep [the little postal inspector] wanted to 
check the boxes to be sure they meet
the current postal requirements.
 Okay, the bottom is taped properly.
Now let me check out the top.
Thanks to everyone who participate with comments
on my blog and facebook wall as a contest entry.
The two boxes were mailed on Monday
 to the winners in Texas and Maryland.
Today I will go back to mathgoodies
[the random number generator I used to pick
 the first two winners] and pick an additional
 2 winners.  This is thanks to my sister who found
 2 more boxes of shortbread mix while
shopping in Home Goods.


  1. good job with the inspection Julep. Congrats to the winners

  2. This sounded like it was fun for you..LOL

  3. So cute and adorable!! A winner from Maryland-was it me?

  4. I am new to posting to blogs and the only one that worked was Anonymous-help! Thanks!

  5. You did a very good job snoopervising da packing!

  6. Oh soooo you are an inspector for the postal service, you sniff out the smell of the drug shortbread! What a great job. Cookie Sniffer Julep!!! Congrats to the winners.
    Sweet William The Scot