Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Happy Ending!

Do you remember the story of little Zoey a few posts back?
[She was found several weeks ago in a cardboard box outside of an 
apartment building - a tiny pup - approximately 3 pounds.]
I love stories with a happy ending ... don't you!
l'm pleased to let you know that Zoey went to
her fur-ever home yesterday just in time for the new year.
She is the only pet in the house so there's not a single
doubt in my mind she'll be spoiled rotten.
Zoey may have had a rough start in life but
she's on the right track now.


  1. How could anyone abandon a wee one like that? Good thing Mom and Dad didn't know about her or she'd be living here with us too.

    We love hap-pee endings like this!

  2. What a great story! And what a cute pup! That's a nice way to ring in the new year, don'cha think???

    ARoooOOOOOO, Stuart