Thursday, December 29, 2011

VODKA Variety ... Oh My ... So Many!

Success!  I found my Skinnygirl Cosmo mix!
 My search up and down the shelves in the local 'adult beverage' store 
was very enlightening and yet confusion.  In addition to Skinnygirl I decided to
branch out and try Rose's Cocktail Infusions Cosmopolitan Mix 
and Absolut Orient Apple (which is Vodka with apple & ginger flavor).


Different Flavors of Vodka
 (these two brands seemed to have the most variety)

Flavors of Absolut Vodka
Absolut vodka finds itself in the list of the best vodka in the world and not without reason.
Absolut Apeach Vodka Absolut Berri Acai Absolut Blue Absolut Boston
Absolut Brooklyn Absolut Citron Absolut Cranberry Absolut Mandrin
Absolut Mango Absolut New Orleans Absolut Pears Absolut Peppar
Absolute Raspberry Absolute Ruby Red Absolut Vanilla
Flavors of Smirnoff Vodka
Smirnoff vodka is one of the best vodka brands available, introduced to us by Russia.
Smirnoff Twist Vodka Black Cherry Smirnoff Twist Vodka Blueberry
Smirnoff Twist Vodka Citrus Smirnoff Twist Vodka Green Apple
Smirnoff Twist Vodka Lime Smirnoff Twist Vodka Orange
Smirnoff Twist Vodka Passion Fruit Smirnoff Twist Vodka Raspberry
Smirnoff Twist Vodka Strawberry Smirnoff Twist Vodka Vanilla
Smirnoff Twist Vodka Watermelon … Smirnoff Twist Vodka White Grape

(I didn't know Italy made Vodka ... did you?)
A FORBES reviewer wrote:
Purus, a boutique production vodka that caught my attention for two reasons. First, it is made in Italy, the country that I think has the most respect for food and flavor, and where just about everything tastes better. I never heard of vodka from Italy, especially made in a tiny third generation distillery in Piemonte. Secondly, the parent company is based in St. Louis, and the management team includes some Anheuser Busch veterans who were displaced when the iconic American beer giant was sold and exported – basically their story captivated me enough where I was willing to give Purus a try, in the vain hope that I would like it.

Purus, is quite simply the best vodka I have ever tasted.   Purus won Best of Class and the Gold Medal at the LA International Wine & Spirits Competition, the Silver at the more prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and was ranked in the Top 50 Spirits of all types by Wine Enthusiast magazine. It's made from naturally pure water from the Italian Alps, and its starch of choice is certified organic Italian wheat, hence its tagline, “Vodka at its Purus.” It is distilled five times and it is certified by both Italian and US agencies. 

10 Most Popular Brands of Vodka

Before you pick up and choose the most popular names from the vodka brands list, you should have adequate knowledge about the various types of vodka. There are several popular brands of vodka in this world so if you only want the best names here they are ...

Reyka Vodka ... Comes directly from Iceland, Reyka is considered as one of the most preferred names in the world of vodkas. It's made with glacial waters which many health experts declare "impurities free". Reyka is one of the most recommended names when you have to make excellent vodka cocktails.

Absolut Vodka ... This vodka from Sweden is considered the best in the world. No vodka brands list is complete without this name, which is made from grown wheat and well water. This excellent vodka is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a drink which offers maximum smoothness and lightness.

Jean Marco XO Vodka ... Imagine a good tasting vodka from Cognac? Well why not? The Jean Marco XO comes in a bottle which is stylish, beautifully shaped and a taste like no other. It's made from four varieties of French wheat and this vodka undergoes distillation a mind-boggling 9 times before its available for drinking.

Xellent Vodka ... The Swiss are world renowned for their excellence and neutrality and they have also succeeded in making one of the most widely consumed vodka brands in the world; Xellent. It's Switzerland first and only vodka and it defines pure taste and fun. It's made from glacier waters and rye and is also distilled until its pure as the snow in Alps.

Grey Goose Vodka ... This best vodka brand comes from western France and it's made from the finest French wheat and natural spring water which is filtered with champagne limestone. It's often called the best tasting vodka in the world.

Smirnoff Vodka ... Other than being the largest selling vodka brand in the world, Smirnoff is also called the "Common Man's Vodka". This vodka brand can be bought and drunk by everyone due to its economical price range. It's triple distilled and 10 times filtered and is the ideal choice for making best vodka drinks.

Belvedere Vodka ... Coming at # 7 on the famous vodka brands list, is Belvedere which comes from the country of vodka; Poland. To make sure that the consumers gets the clearness and the better taste of the drink, this vodka is distilled 4 times.

Ciroc Vodka ... This brand of vodka is a favorite among the rich and famous. It's origins lie in the southwestern France and Ciroc is prepared from high quality Ugni Blanc grapes and Mauzac Blanc. To get the unique flavor, this vodka is distilled five times.

Boru Vodka ... If you love vodka, you'd have to love Boru. This Irish vodka is one name that all vodka enthusiasts love to drink. It's the ideal choice for people who love different vodka recipes.

Three Olives Vodka ... This award-winning vodka comes directly from England. It is quadruple filtered and quadruple distilled and is the perfect vodka for the various vodka mixed drinks.

Infusing Vodka at Home

 You can infuse vodka with a variety of flavors. Right from fruits to spices, vodka can be easily infused at home. In order to do so, you will need the flavoring of your choice, like oranges, peaches, apple or anise, chili, etc., and some good quality vodka. Choose a clean and an air tight jar. Clean the flavorings and pat them dry. Slice up the fruits or the herbs or spices really fine. If you are using berries, you will need to just lightly squeeze them so that the juice starts releasing better. Spread the flavoring at the bottom of the jar and pour the vodka on top. The quantity of the vodka should be proportionate to the quantity of the flavoring. For example, if you take a liter of vodka, then you will need 2 fruits, a couple of fistfuls of spices, herbs or berries and if you choose small fruits, then about 4 to 5 of those fruits. Seal the jar and keep it away from the sunlight, preferably in the fridge. In case of fruits, your vodka should be ready within three days. However, spices and vanilla might take a week or 10 days to be infused thoroughly. Remember that the flavors should be added to the bottom before you pour out the vodka, else they will float on the surface and will not get properly infused. Strain the vodka before use. It is best to try these flavored vodka recipes with a small amount if you are doing this for the first time. 

... Just For The Record ...
 I'm not a big drinker - never have been - and - never will be.
 I like an occasional cocktail but my first choice would be a nice glass of Cab
and ... also for the record ... 
there is only so much you can write about two totally cute westies!


  1. I'm not a drinker so imagine how confusing it is for me going in to a store to try and purchase a bottle of anything. I tried to buy my sister in law her favorite brand of Rum one year and I roamed the isles forever.