Friday, December 30, 2011

It's New Year's Eve Eve ... Time for Dinner, Drinks & Holiday Cheer!

 Tonight is the B-I-G New Year's Eve Eve party at our friends
Nancy & CG home.  Every year they have a big catered event at their
weekend estate not far from us.  This is our big night out.
Wilson & I really like to stay home on New Year's Eve.  We put on our ever-so-comfy lounge wear, start a fire in the fireplace, take our time cooking dinner, sip some wine all while watching the festivities at Time Square ... until the ball drops and it's officially 2-0-1-2.
 The Allen Brothers delivery came late yesterday afternoon.
Our steaks are now slowly thawing in the frig for our Eve dinner.
 Julep sniffing the box.  She knows what good things are inside. 
 Derby thinks there just might be something in this big box for him.
We'll give them a tiny-tiny taste of our steaks on New Year's Eve.

 Allen Brothers usually has something 'free' when you place an order.  This time Wilson had a choice between free shipping and crab cakes.  He picked the 'cakes' for me.  Wilson would rather have a lump crab meat cocktail but that wasn't in the free offer.
 We made two packages of the crab cakes last night for dinner.  We chose to bake them at 350 for 25 minutes (instead of deep frying).  I have to say these are not my favorite - I've had better - and since we live in a state were crab cakes were invented  (in my opinion) these were not made with our Chesapeake Bay crabs.  The meat was stringy, sorta tasteless, and were expensive for what they are (I'm glad we didn't pay for them).
 Cooking guides are enclosed to ensure you prepare the steak properly.
As we countdown the minutes until a new year ...
what will you be doing at midnight tomorrow?

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