Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ladies Lunch at Mason's

 The westies knew they weren't going for a car ride
so they stayed nestled on the back of the sofa
in their ultimate favorite spot.
Yes, I did feel guilty!
 About once a month JoAnn, Frances and I get together for
 lunch ... Friday was our holiday get-together
and gift exchange at Mason's in Easton.
 JoAnn (L) ... Frances (R)
 My new westie coffee mug was a gift from Frances.
She carried this back from her last trip to England.
 The Christmas CD by Jackie Evancho was a gift from JoAnn.
Jackie is JoAnn's cousin ... and
if you haven't heard Jackie sing, you don't
know what you're missing.  This 
young lady has unbelievable talent.
The gifts I received from JoAnn & Frances
at our Christmas lunch.  We always have such a 
nice time when we get together. 
Thanks J & F for all your thoughtful gifts.

1 comment:

  1. looks like Julep and Derby missed a nice lunch but then again they did have that comfy spot on the back of the couch