Saturday, December 17, 2011

Silver Bells & Westies Tell

 What a guilty look Mr. Derby has ... that's because
he pulled all the blankets from under
the coffee table again.
 Julep ... knows he did!
Doll Clothing 
I finished two dresses and one pair of slacks.
I've been tucking these little gems away 
just in case The Westie Foundation
of America wants to do another 
auction at Montgomery in 2012.
 Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
 I think a little white top with 
red trim would look cute with these.
 Did I ever mention that we collect silver bells?
Wilson started a really cool tradition when his kids were
small.  Each year they would receive a
silver bell inscribed with the year
so when it was time to leave home they would a
nice collection of holiday bells. 
We've got a lot of bells!
Of course we started each one of our granddaughters
with a bell the year they were born.
The down side to this wonderful
tradition is that I have to polish all
the bells before they go under 
the tree each year.


  1. Katie-The bells are such a wonderful tradition and although they might not now, in years to come they will mean so much to all the children! Check out my blog and see who I found "working" at my favorite antique store yesterday!

  2. What a nice tradition!!!! Wonder if it's too late to start something of our own!?

  3. So pretty-- all those bells! Momma's been collecting ornaments ever since she worked at a Hallmark store in college-- Hallmark, blown glass, all kinds... and she did the same for her two girls-- they have boxes and boxes of ornaments. This year her girls are sharing an apartment in Austin and put up their own tree. With all those ornaments, it looked great!