Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours!

... Christmas Morning ... 
We've had our Starbucks coffee, freshly baked Williams-Sonoma croissants,
bacon and eggs ... SO now we're ready to open our gifts from Santa.
 Derby sniffing the chocolate wrapped Santa.
 He didn't have the slightest interest it.
 Julep {on the other hand} would have taken it apart.
We know, chocolate is a big no-no for dogs!
 The chocolate Santa's are a gift from Carol & Steve, 
our family in sunny California.
A gift card to Williams-Sonoma {our favorite store} 
was sent from the whole family to us.
It go towards the new toaster we need.
 Derby is watching Wilson open his gift from me and the westies.
That box is so big ... Wilson thought it was the toaster ...
I told him it was a train set {hahahaha}
but much to his surprise it was a new . . . 
 A new coffee maker!
I ordered this from the Frontgate catalogue.
With a free shipping and free
bean grinder how could I not get this.

 Westie PJ's from my sister.
 She found these at Macy's & knew I would love them!
 Doggie treats for later.
Westie/Scottie fabric which my JoAnn's didn't have! 
Rolls and rolls of fabric was one of the gifts from my sister.
Yes, we have an addiction and we're proud of it!
I'll be working on Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day and Easter
dresses soon.  I'm totally excited!  Santa left my
sister a new sewing machine under her tree.  I'm looking
forward to seeing it.

 In addition to the mounds of fabric Debby added a new pair of 
Gingher scissors {which are made in Italy}
 as well as multi-color spools of Gutermann threads
which I can never have enough of!
 In the round Scottie box are treats for the westies
and a PetSmart gift card.
.. .. ..
Our Grandchildren In California

Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours.
We hope Santa left you all the goodies
 you asked for this year.


  1. And a Merry Christmas to you all! Enjoy!

  2. Well it looks like you had a very good Christmas. Those pj's are adorable and I love that last picture.
    Merry Christmas again :)

  3. Wish my Mommy could sew so her could work on me dwess. Maybe her will get brave and try to do it soon.

    Lots of nice pressies there!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. It sounds like you all had a Merry Merry Christmas. The Westie PJs are too cute and my mouth is watering just thinking about those Williams-Sonoma croissants! Best wishes for 2012. xx

  5. What a wonderful Christmas you had!! Those rolls of fabric are fantastic :) I have decided that I'm going to learn to needle point. Hold me to that ;) I need a creative outlet too!

    The westie PJs are priceless! And speaking of westies, I can't believe Derby has no interest in chocolate. Good Derby! Louis doesn't understand it is a no-no, and attempted to get ahold of if any chance he has. Thank goodness he has yet to be successful.