Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zoey the 8 Week Old Puppy

Several months ago I packed up a few boxes of toys 
Julep and Derby just didn't play with and sent them
 to a rescue group that specializes in smaller breed rescues.
This is Zoey
 She is the third chihuahua puppy that was abandoned
 in a cardboard box outside an apartment building. 
She is only 8 precious weeks old.
I'm not going to get on my bandwagon about people
 that do things like this ... but I think they should be 
{you can fill in the blank here}!
Zoey is about the size of this toy and weighs 3 pounds! 

She is getting to know her step-siblings 
Zeke and Mya as well as all the other toys in the household.
Here is the link http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/21766241 should you have room in your heart and home
for little Zoey and all her cuteness.

The good news ... Zoey is safe and sound and in a 
secure, warm and loving environment for the holidays.
Thanks to Karen who has opened her heart & home time after time
to foster those rescues in serious need of love and attention. 


  1. Oh, she is so precious. Who would do that to such a sweetheart? Yeah, I'd like to fill in a few blanks here but these blogs are family-friendly.

    I bet she finds a home quickly. The smallest ones are always the first to get into a new home....at least that seems to be the trend here. We never see any tiny ones in the shelters near here, and if they are, they're usually adopted right away.

  2. Oh how sweet she is. I would fill in the blank but I'm afraid the words would have to bleeped out. I don't know how anyone could be so heartless

  3. I'm so glad they were found and are safe and happy now. So cute. They will have a happy Christmas now.

  4. Oh my heavens!! She is absolutely too cute for words. I so wish I could rescue them all. (I'm with you on what should happen to those that abandon poor sweet anmials)