Saturday, January 21, 2012

Princess, Frog Prince, Fairytale Castle & Hearts

 Sewing Projects Completed
I love the princess & frog prince fabric and the way this dress turned out.
It's hard to tell but there are two layers of trim along the bottom.
I may have to keep this simply because it does have little white dogs on it.

Then again I have two dresser drawers chock full of finished 18"
doll clothing that I'm not sure what to do with.


I could sell them on E-bay but then again my
sewing is not perfect ... suggestions?

I certainly don't want to turn into a doll clothes hoarder!
 It would be terrible to be on TV as one of those folks needing their
home cleaned out because [in my case] stacks and stacks of doll clothing
from floor to ceiling!
Hearts & Checks
This is a new pattern which took extra time
due to all the ruffles needing to be set.
None the less, it is cute also!


  1. Could u tell me where you bought your princess fabric, it is adorable!!

  2. Kit - the fabric was purchased at a local Hobby Lobby store - they still have it in stock.