Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quite Around The House

 With Daddy Wilson away in the Big Apple ... New York City
I'm in the process of completing projects.
First up ... Julep helps me measure out fabric for a
new tablecloth for the dining room table.  This is
not a fancy sewing job, just simple straight stitches.
Mission accomplished: done and on the table.
 Here we go again with the house so quiet the westies are bored.
I haven't turned on the TV since Wilson left on Thursday.
 Julep misses her Daddy Wilson and waits for his return.
[secretly she misses the extra treats he gives her]
 I gave up trying to keep the back of the sofa in perfect order.
This is the westies domaine ... from the time they were pups.
Thank goodness when we were looking at sofa's I insisted 
on strong and pet-friendly fabric.
The Boy 
We never know what spot we'll find Derby in.
This westie is a mover - he goes from one sleeping spot to the next.
As a pup he hated his crate because there wasn't enough room.
 I'm not sure if I've posted the mint julep cups before.
These are so hard to get a good photo of.  
In any event, when the westies were wee pups
these were gifts from our dear friends JoAnn & Lloyd.
Right now J&L are puppy-less and hopefully in the spring
they will have a new puppy playing in their house.

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