Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Julep & Derby Do While I Sew

 Julep & Derby are in my dressing room playing
 with one of my slippers.  As a westie mom they
don't realize I have eyes in the back of my head
 [and a camera in hand].
 Their favorite spot to play in is between
my pant legs [which are covered in white fur].

 Julep lets Derby take the lead in playing [at times].
I think she baits him & then the alpha kicks back in
and she takes control again [it all seems to work].
 Since I was taking pictures of the westies in my dressing room
... here is my small collection of fabric.
Fleece is parked on the shelf above.
 I enjoy jazzing up my creations with a little
trim work, buttons or bows.
 The latest finished dress.
 Next project:  Pj's from sock monkey fabric.
 Derby made it loud and clear [to me] that he's
NOT going to be subjected to trying on the
 'small' fleece coat.  He went so far as saying he would
be calling his paw-torney if I even put that thing
next to his body!  Well ... I never!
 This is the 'small' fleece coat [referred to above].
It's been shipped to a small breed rescue group
in Omaha, NE with the 'medium' coat and a stack
of tiny bandanna's.
 Debby just finished this Valentine's Day dress.
She is working on a robe & nightgown from
fabric she found with monkey's dressed in cheer leading
 outfits for me to pass on to my friend Gail 
who's niece loves cheer leading.
 Yes . . . Derby you can sample one of the new treats.
Let's find Julep first.
Expensive as they are ... I still buy them.
J&D are totally in love with the ETTA SAYS!
Duck Meat Treats.  With their K-9 Kravings raw food
diet I left the Pet Barn a $100.00 richer 
and me $100.00 poorer!
We now have a dehydrator [thanks Mom]
and we'll try our hand at making treats at home.


  1. I love hearing about new treats, I love to spoil Finn. More than I spoil myself! I love you guys playing with the slippers, too cute!!

  2. Duke wants to know who Derby's paw-torney is. He thinks he may need to keep him on retainer :)
    Do let us know how the dehydrated treats come out. I have a dehydrator and I've been thinking about trying to make snacks for Duke

  3. I made that pattern for Finley. In a rib knit, medium fits, but in fleece, I had to go up to a large.

    Finley likes to sleep on my feet while I sew. When Whitley is here, they do what we call "Westie Party"-- they roll over on their backs at the same time and twist, twist, twist!

  4. SHe needs to get to the store and get me some of those treats!!! I sleep under her pants in her closet so she has to fuzz-bust each morning!!!

  5. They are just so cute together! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have been researching dog foods and found a website that rates all the brands. We are definitely going with something without all the fillers. I can't believe how poorly some of the big brands are rated!