Friday, January 27, 2012

Dinner with Friends and a Movie with George Clooney

 Here's Julep helping me get ready for our company.
Checking to be sure the wine glasses and snacks are in perfect order.  
 Yes, Julep we're ready for our dinner guests JoAnn & Lloyd.
 She's smelling the cheese straws and trying to figure out how to get them.
 A simple and casual dinner was in the making.
 Wilson decided on a new recipe for Antipasto Salad
from Cook's Country magazine. 
It has a lots of stuff to make every bite interesting ... 
artichoke hearts, sliced pepperoncini, romaine, cherry tomatoes,
provolone cheese, red onion, sliced salami, kalamata olives and
 basil leaves all tossed in a red wine vinegar dressing
[which you cook then refrigerate until you're ready].

 The main course was Wilson's Chicken Parmesan
with Pomodoro Sauce  [forgot to photograph the sauce].

We found this recipe [a long time ago] in a cookbook called
Longhi's - Recipes and Reflections From Maui's
Most Opinionated Restaurant
[we've been to Longhi's while on vacation in Maui]

Wonder if George had any meals in Longhi's since
the movie we're watching is filmed in Hawaii!
[did you figure out which movie I'm talking about?]

Gifts from JoAnn & Lloyd
Homemade westie treats by JoAnn's Doggie Bakery
The westies went crazy over these ... 
How sweet it was of JoAnn to make these from scratch
for Julep & Derby.
 Lloyd is telling us how he designed and shaped
 the westie treat [above].
 Could there be a new profession in Lloyd's future
as dog treat designer?
 Also in our goodie bag ... 
was a candle for me and
 a very nice bottle of red wine for Wilson.
We'll share, of course!

The Westies and Treats

... ... ...
Now onto the movie ... we watched


starting none other than
Mr. George Clooney

Don't worry. The Descendants isn't Hamlet or anything with crowns.
Still, Clooney's Matt King, a workaholic semi-schlub of a
Honolulu attorney, is descended from royal blood:
His great-great-grandmother was a Hawaiian princess
 who married a haole (white) banker and passed on a rich
 chunk of real estate. As the primary beneficiary of 25,000
 acres of Kauai paradise, Matt must decide to keep the land
 unspoiled or sell it to developers to please an army of
 cousins, led by a hilariously greedy Beau Bridges.

All in all it was a good movie but I have to wonder if George
 just wanted a paid working vacation in Hawaii for a few months.
Of course, I won't tell you what George decided to
do with the land, you'll have to find out
that for yourself.
If you've seen this movie ... tell me what you think.  


  1. Your two pups are so cute!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Now I don’t want to come over just to play with the pups I also want to stay for dinner! Have a lovely weekend...I know to westies will be enjoying the weather! xx

  3. Look at that salad and those home-made treats! I have been wondering about that movie, so I will find other reviews interesting!

  4. Love your falling hearts too by the way...

  5. Oh I would love to stay for dinner. And by the way George Clooney spends time in Cincinnati his parents live just across the river. We watched him filming Ides of March here. I got my picture taken with him.
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Love your little doggies!! Your salad looks delicious. I haven't had an Anitpasto salad in years but I used to love them when I went to real old Italian restaurants. That movie sounds like a good one!

  7. I love reading all of your blogs, Katie! I found the Antipasta Salad recipe and would love Wilson's Chicken Parm recipe!!

  8. Oops! Clicked the wrong one :(

  9. dinner looks delicious. I love the first picture of Julep and Derby waiting for their treats

  10. Cheese straws? Did someone mention cheese???