Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why, Oh Why, Do I Have To Be Groomed?

{if looks could kill}
Derby is not a happy camper since he was picked first
for a bath, blow-dry and trim.
 This is really more than any westie should have to put up with!
I'm going to write my union westie-rep. 
I've been standing for more than 5 minutes and not even a sip of water.
 Maybe if I look out the window he'll take the
 hint that I really don't like what he's doing to me.
 Don't you point that 'thing' at me ... Mr. Groomer-man.
 I escaped ... hahahaha ... they won't get me back on that table.
Little does Derby know that Mr. Groomer-man
will be back on Monday to finish him and work on Julep.


  1. Oh they always look so lovely just after they've been groomed, lovely and white although in Daisys case that never lasts long!!

  2. You look great! I know it is a hardship to endure, the bath! Have a good day!

  3. UhOh....Quick, find something smelly to roll in!

  4. Poor little guy! I need to have Bonnie groomed this week.

    Ricki Jill

  5. My sympathy! I do NOT like the groomer man either, my friend!!

  6. oh Derby it's the price you must pay when you are a handsome young Westie

  7. Please send your Groomer Man over here!!! I look like a mess and you look so nice!!!

  8. Well if it's any consolation, Derby, you look great!

  9. Oh my heavens, could these two be ANY cuter?
    They are so perfectly groomed too! I had to
    scroll down through every post .... kept
    wanting to see more of them!

    The falling hearts are adorable too.

    Thanks SO much for bringing them to the
    linky party today!

    I am thrilled to meet them.