Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't Play With That Blueberry

 I gave Julep a fresh blueberry knowing darn well she wouldn't eat it.
You see I've been down this road before with blueberries.
For some reason neither westie will eat a fresh or frozen blueberry 
but they LOVE dried blueberries ... so every morning 
they have 4 dried blueberries  after breakfast.
 It was funny watching Julep & Derby attack the blueberry.
I did get it off my carpet before it went to total mush.
... ... ...
 Flannel Nightgown & Teddy Bear
This turned out so cute I'm in the process of making this
pattern again only in cotton which will be a dress.
The stuffed teddy bear is okay but boy was it difficult to
 sew around all the turns in this small pattern.
Headscarf ... which was simple to make.
I added some fancy stitches to jazz it up.


  1. How funny! Louis will eat anything (unfortunately), so we have to keep an eye on him always. I love that they are so particular :)

  2. I love that stitching! And that blueberry business is just too funny!

  3. My aunt's English Bulldog LOVES blueberries! :)

  4. There are a few things that Duke won't eat but he does enjoy playing with them :)
    I love the stitching on that headscarf