Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pink Bed Mission

Change in strategy needed ...
from getting Julep to play to getting 
Julep out of that bed & making that bed mine.

Derby is going to consult the Gnome in the Jar 
for help on the Pink Bed Mission.
He's looking for suggestions ... so if you have any
just leave them in the comment 
section and I'll pass them along
[in secret of course!]


  1. You catch more bees with honey....Just drop a few duck jerkeys on the floor...bout 87 feet away from da bed!

  2. How about trying to share? Is there room for two if you snuggle up next to each other?

  3. Derby is one determined little Westie! SUCH cute pictures!

  4. Give up....she's a girl! Great photos!

  5. Oh my, we loved this post, the She Two Legged One and me! Now, Derby, being an incredibly obstinate and stubborn (I refer 'patient and crafty' but the Two Legged Ones always use obstinate and stubborn!) Westie, my advice for your covert ops - persistence. Yes, I know, it doesn't seem to have worked so far but just keep at it - or, the best one I've found, is to pretend that you no longer have any interest in the bed, or in playing then, when Julep has decided that it's safe to drop her guard, POUNCE. Mind you, with Julep being a Westie also, you may not get away with that - it works all the time on the Two Legged Ones but then, they don't have a Westie brain so that places them at a disadvantage!



  6. I loved this. Tell Derby that Duke is working on a solution and will get back to him as soon as he comes up with something :)

  7. Derby and Julep are absolutley adorable. Love the little "mission" story.

  8. This is sooo funny - that little rascal.

  9. fabulous! This is the morning routine between my Jackscottie and my chihuahua and the evening routine between my westie Alf and Betty my Chihuahua!

    Your westies are gorgeous! Thank you for your visit, I am now following you love Annie xx

  10. YOu need to get a treat....nibble on it and then toss it so she goes after it. works every time!

  11. Hide a treat next time you get one. When she has forgotten about it, go get it and tempt her out of the pink bed with it!!! I gotta get a sister ... I have NOBODY to torment and it looks like so much fun!!!!