Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Many Projects ... So Much Fun!

 My sister Debby spent two days with us.
On Friday we went to Salisbury to visit Billy 
and clean his college apartment he shares
with three room mates.  Honestly, it wasn't
bad at all.  After lunch Deb and I went
to Hobby Lobby to check out fabrics.
 Eating cheese popcorn and watching a movie.
Deb sure was a favorite of the westies during her stay.
 I baked a Mash's Ham for dinner and it
turned out oh so very yummy.  The
westies aren't cutting Debby a break while
she tries to eat.  Julep [the relentless westie she is] did not
give up her pursuit to taste a piece of ham. 
Deb left on Saturday and I followed her to Annapolis.
We paid a visit to JoAnn Fabrics, had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory
then I went by the Pet Barn to get dog food.
... ... ...
 My stash of ribbon by Martha Stuart.
 With all my projects I needed more room so
I had to purchase another table.
 Patterns were on sale for $1.00 so I added
a few to my vast collection.  I try and make one
outfit from each pattern.
 Fabric I had to have from Hobby Lobby.
I love the ducks ... so spring and the
fairy frogs ... so summer.
 An outfit I need to finish.  I want to
sew three buttons on the top and there is one set of
snaps that need to go on the cuff.
I hate sewing on snaps.
 I should have purchased the entire bolt of this fleece.
Why am I crazy for sock monkeys this year?
 These four fabrics are from JoAnn's.
 I like the pink and green fabric.  I envision
 an Spring dress for Olivia's American Girl doll.
I found a 'jelly roll' of pre-cut strips at Hobby Lobby.
This is the easy way out when you don't want to
cut your own.
 Another project ... dog coats.
These are going to the small breed rescue
in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday.
The blue/brown coat is an extra-small made
from a new pattern.
 This is the small made from the new pattern.
 My new dog coat patterns.
 Quilting class homework and project.
This is called a snowball block.
You take a light square and pin a different fabric
into each corner.
 Then you take a ruler and pencil and draw a
diagonal line cutting the square in half.  
Next step is to stitch over the pencil line.
Then it's to the ironing board ... fold over the top part
of the square above the stitched line
onto the bottom part of the square 
and press top over bottom square.
 This is what you get ... so easy!
So ... here is my 9 block table topper.
In class we'll sew the squares together,
then sew an edging around the entire perimeter,
and if we have time, quilt the top.
I'm learning a lot of fun things. 

Have a great week and thanks for visiting.


  1. Love your fabric choices and the cute dog coat pattern. I just started sewing again. Making decorative pillows and tote bags with dog images.
    I forgot how fun it could be :D

    Wyatt's Mom

  2. Wow you have alot of projects going on!!

  3. You have the cutest westies, well apart from my Daisy! I am so jealous fabrics shops are like hens teeth here so I tend to have to buy everything off the internet which can be abit hit and miss. Love your sock monkey fabric and the jelly roll.

  4. Bonnie Blue loves popcorn!!! :D Sarah Rose is enjoying the dress you sent Samantha so, so much. Holly truly was blown away by your thoughtfulness!

    I hope you have a blessed week!

    Ricki Jill

  5. That sounds like a perfect weekend. Can't beat patterns for a dollar.