Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rainy Day - Baking Cookies - & - Waiting For Aunt Debby

Julep & Derby in Pencil
 A rainy day and a good day to bake cookies!
Aunt Debby will be here after work today.
She's spending the night and on Friday we're
going to Salisbury to visit my nephew at college.
Sorry Julep & Derby but you can't go.
Julep catching up on her beauty sleep.
She's going to be so excited to see Aunt Debby.
 My baking helpers ... just waiting for a cookie crumb
 to fall to the floor.  I wanted to take Billy and his
three apartment mates some cookies so I made my
standard chocolate chips and tried a new recipe
called oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip and cranberry cookies.
I think I baked enough to last them though the weekend.
I do have a feeling Debby & I will spend a little time cleaning the
apartment before we take Billy out to lunch.
After that I have two fabric stores targeted for
our shopping enjoyment.  Now that I've started to 
quilt, I can't have enough fabric!
All the best & take good care,


  1. Cookies....did someone say COOKIES??? I'm all for crumbs!

  2. You are so incredibly talented! Love the drawing. :D I hope y'all have a nice visit!


  3. Send some cookies my way will you? Nice drawing! (We didn't watch Westminster either.)

    Aroooo! Stuart