Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Westminster ... Did You Watch?

 Derby wasn't interested in Westminster this year.
He's out like a light and snoring. 

I have to say I wasn't impressed with the westie in the terrier group.
For one thing did you notice the mouth area?
Lightly stained [even my westies don't have that!]
Then there was his head - the hair wasn't perfect.
I also thought the Scottie wasn't impressive.
Betsy, the Scottie [handled by Rebecca Cross] was
far superior than the one who made it into the terrier group finals.
We all know how 'political' dog shows are and I don't think
Westminister is any different.  We did like the Sealy terrier
handled by Margery Good - it's the son of Charman 
who has the most awards of any dog in the world.
Next up ... Krups!
 Yes ... that' a westie for you ...
Strongly determined to get exactly what they want, 
when they want it and not a second later!
... Derby ... 
The subject of the new 'drop-in'
stock photography site I found.
He's such a handsome westie - it's 
hard to believe Julep will be 4 in April
and Derby will be 3 in May.


  1. Okay so tell me how you stop Julep and Derby from staining around their mouths? I've tried just about everything with Daisy to no avail!!
    Pene and Daisy

  2. We actually forgot to watch this year ... I did catch the Best in Show recap and I was unhappy with the winner there, though.

  3. Hi I did see the dog show.I loved it as always.I just wanted to say as far as the westies go.When the dogs get a bit older is when they usually get that stained beard.Mine has some hes going on 9 this year.I have heard that if you wipe their mouth everytime they drink then they wont get that.But actually it can come from their saliva as well.

  4. My mom said to tell you thanks for the Westminster update. We were going to watch, but I have a really bad habit of barking at the dogs on the TV so we had to switch over to the cooking channel!