Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everyone Loves Spring & The Flowers It Brings

 Westies Enjoying Sun Rays
 I'm out photographing my other favorite thing 
{besides the  westies} and that is ... 
spring and all the flowers it brings.

 Quack - Quack
This pair is looking for a nesting place.
One year they built it in the planter pot
at the end of the dock.
 Time to go ... she's getting a 
little to close with the camera.
 We have hundreds and hundreds of tiny ducks
resting and feeding in the creek.  They
just float back and forth from the top to
the bottom of the creek all day.  These
ducks are camera shy so it's hard to get
a good photo because they swim away.
 Converted Using a Cartoon Style

 Wilson loves taking flower photo's also.

 We don't need to make the trip into Washington, DC
 to fight for a parking space as well as fight
 the crowds of tourists to see the cherry blossoms.
We have 5 beautiful blooming cherry trees right
 in our very own front yard to enjoy.

 Our cherry trees are approximately 20 years ago.

 A vase of blooms from the garden to enjoy.
Happy Spring One & All


  1. Whoa! Those sure are pretty flowers y'all have there! It's been so warm here where I live, all of them have just about gone!

    Aroooo! Stuart

  2. Gorgeous pictures, we could look at them all day! Thanks for sharing and Happy Spring!!!

  3. With the heat this year (we are breaking 100 year old records for heat in Cincinnati) the spring blooms are gone in two days. Our magnolia tree bloomed and dropped it flowers in three days.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Love these photographs. We are going into Autumn 'down under' so it's lovely to see your photographs of the Spring flowers. Stunning. And the Westies - well, what can we say but adorable as usual.

  5. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous and how wonderful to have all those trees in your own yard

  6. You take amazing photos.... love your dolls clothes, wish I had the patience to do them... and for Westies, they are so sweet....