Friday, March 23, 2012

A Beautiful Friday in Spring

 This morning we woke to fog so I took a
photo quickly before I had my coffee.
The sun came out before I knew it.
 We did manage to empty, clean and re-fill the jacuzzi
now we just have to use it ... seriously!
 Wilson had a 9:00am appointment with our tax accountant
so he left early with paperwork in hand.
While he was doing that
I went to Hobby Lobby in Salisbury to look for sock monkey
fleece ... before they put it away for summer.  
I took this on the way out today.
The weeping cherry tree was the first to bloom and
I was surprised to see how quickly the
blossoms are falling and the leaves are appearing.
 Derby had to check out the new fleece.
I purchased the last 3 yards of sock monkey fleece
in the store.  The brown plaid will be used for the inside.
It's amazing how many e-mails I received on the sock monkey
dog sleeping bags I made.
 I'm going to make Olivia an Easter dress using
the combination of these two fabrics.
 I want to try my hand at making this fabric into a baby quilt.
 I'm considering using these 2 fabrics for the back and border.
[Technically the proper word is 'auditioning' the fabrics].
 Anchors, Sailor & Boat Fabric
 The Spring fabric was only $2.00 per yard!
The paisley was different and wanted it for my stash.

 ... Latest Sewing Projects ...
 Happy Frogs on Pink
Simple yet stylish shift dress with matching head band.
What are the chances of having trim that matches exactly!
 This is a new two-piece pattern.
A top with a two layer ruffle skirt.
 I made this one for Debby's next give-a-way.

This Sock Monkey has a new home
and has already made some bunny friends. 
At the fabric cutting counter I saw a lady holding a sock monkey.
 She pointed me in the direction of the 'said' display and
 with a 40% discount coupon in my pocket, it was a no-brainer!

The SOCK MONKEY needs a name ... suggestions?
 Derby thought this was his new toy
and I said 
No, no, no Derby-lious ... it's mine, mine, mine!
With fabric unpacked and pictures taken
 it was time to call the westies to dinner.
Have A Nice Weekend


  1. Love that picture of the fog. Sounds like you had a very busy day. I really like the fabrics you "auditioned" for your baby quilt.

  2. bonjour
    j'ai decouvert votre blog,en cherchant des résultats d'expositions canines
    tres beau blog!!!!!!!!avec ses 2 magnifiques mascottes
    bonne journée